Seven Billion

Decisions, decisions, decisions, decisions – too many decisions.

They surround me. Points of light in a

World that is spinning; spinning.

I want to cry: hot streams of tears that will empty me of my


But I can’t. I must put on a brave face

So that the voices don’t catch on that anything went


I must endure the strain in my throat that makes my voice dry and hoarse;

The questions that make my head whirl like a globe on a stand,

Full of people, countries, oceans.


A.N. The anxiety of perhaps having not made the right university choices overwhelmed me. It was all I thought about for several weeks. Being the first time that I had to make such a big life choice, I was determined to do it well. I chose. I got cold feet. I regretted. I panicked. Yet I could do nothing about it. All I could and all that I can do is remember that everything happens for a reason.


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